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Patterns are sold separately unless indicated otherwise. Create your own White Lies Designs Kit by purchasing a pattern along with a yarn pack in your size and color!

Click on a thumbnail for more information and a larger version of the photo. All pricing and ordering information will be listed with the full sized picture.

rrtwinset  Retro-Ribby Twinset
 This lovely Vintage-Inspired twinset will take you everywhere.

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amandathumb  Amanda Pullover
 This lacy pullover is knit directionally..

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Frida Blouse Frida Blouse
A pretty Mexican-style blouse designed with a nod to the artist Frida Kahlo..

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katethbnl Kate Pullover
A dressy, bustier-inspired sweater for romantic evenings out.

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gillian Gillian Tee
Floral duplicate stitch embellishes this mesh-sided tee.

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Oletta Oletta Pullover
Find your feminine side with Oletta.

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stephanie Stephanie
This lovely tee will keep you looking pretty and cool even in the steamiest summer weather.

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Zelda Zelda
This adorable top is inspired by one of Joan's favorite fashion eras, the fabulous 1940's.
Finished bust sizes 34 to 50"

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Coraline Tunic Coraline Tunic
The Coraline Tunic is a lovely way to keep cool when sultry weather hits.
Finished bust sizes 31 to 49"

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Evangeline Tunic Evangeline Tunic
We've done the math and the lovely Evangeline is the sum of the most flattering shapes to be found.
Finished bust sizes 33 to 58"

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Nanette Tee Nanette Tee
This quick and easy top is a suitable knit for advanced beginners.
Finished bust sizes 32 to 50"

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Alyce Tee Alyce Tee
This pretty fitted tee shows off your curves as well as your knitting prowess.
Finished bust sizes 33 to 54"

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Olivia Olivia
This lovely top is a surefire way to get noticed while staying cool and pretty.
Finished bust sizes 30.5 to 50.5"

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Krista Tee Krista Tee
Add lacy charm to your summer wardrobe with this dressy little tee.
Finished bust sizes 33 to 56"

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Milinda Pullover Milinda Pullover
This lacy little pullover is as pretty as a blouse, but still cozy and easy to wear.
Finished bust sizes 34" to 50"

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Arial Arial
Arial is a vintage design from the 1940's, re-gauged, sized and styled for modern sweater girls.
Finished bust sizes 36" to 64"

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Carina Carina
Seen in Knitter's magazine, Carina is a romantic vision of feminine charm.
Finished bust sizes 36" to 46"

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Myrna Myrna
Myrna is our first offering in a new group of designs called "The Vintage Collection". Antique styles have been reworked for use with modern yarns/needle sizes and some design features have been updated.
Finished bust sizes 35" to 44"

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Shapely Tank Top

Shapely Tank Top - Free Pattern
This shapely tank top has instructions for short row shaping at the hem and bust.
Finished bust sizes 36" to 58"

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Shapely Tee

Shapely Tee - Free Pattern
Add these sleeves to the Shapely Tank above and you now have our Shapely Tee!
Finished bust sizes 36" to 58"

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